Ten Cocaine Addiction Symptoms


Probably the most troublesome aspect of cocaine is its addictive properties. Although cocaine isn’t considered to be physically addictive, it’s undoubtedly psychologically addictive. People who use cocaine on a regular basis usually experience great difficulty stopping. There is a distinction between symptoms of casual cocaine use and cocaine addiction. The symptoms listed below apply to cocaine addiction by means of snorting, smoking (crack) as well as injecting.

  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 1: Preoccupation or obsession with obtaining and using cocaine.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 2: Giving up recreational activities because of cocaine use. Activities that were once regularly partaken in become secondary to cocaine use and are often given up altogether.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 3: Quitting cocaine use for any certain period of time, and then start once again.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 4: Getting into financial trouble as a result of cocaine use. Selling possessions in order to buy cocaine, or stealing family or friend’s possessions to sell in order to buy cocaine is a sure sign of cocaine addiction.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 5: Loss of sex drive and/or disinterest in sexual activity.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 6: Relationship problems with a partner that is either also using cocaine or not using cocaine. Deceitfulness with a partner about cocaine use is usually a clear sign of cocaine addiction.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 7: In need of more cocaine for getting high than was used previously.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 8: Regular using of cocaine may result in restlessness, anxiety, hyperexcitability, irritability, insomnia, paranoia, weight loss, and a number of other less acute psychological symptoms.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 9: Unable to function in social situations without using cocaine.
  • Cocaine addiction symptoms 10: Using cocaine to ease uncomfortable craving and withdrawal symptoms such as: depression, irritability, apathy, thoughts of suicide, loss of sex drive, paranoia, insomnia or too much sleep, shaking and dizziness.
Cocaine Infographic
Cocaine Infographic

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Cocaine Infographic by Pharmacy Technician


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