What Is The Cost Of Rehab?


On the list of obstacles to recovery from substance abuse is the cost of rehab.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are in excess of 11,000 addiction treatment centers in America. The addiction treatment industry is estimated to have income of $34 billion by 2014, a 55% increase from 2005.

According to a 2002 SAMHSA report the average cost of rehab for drug abuse or alcohol in outpatient facilities was approximately $1,433 per treatment course.

The 2002 report found that residential drug abuse or alcohol treatment cost $3,840 each admission and outpatient methadone treatment cost $7,415 each admission.

The report found that it costs an average of $17.78 for an outpatient methadone treatment visit and $26.72 for an outpatient non-methadone treatment visit.  Methadone is given in specialty facilities to manage the cravings associated with heroin or prescription narcotic pain medication addiction.  For non-hospital residential treatment, the average daily cost was $76.13.

The cost of rehab for the rich and famous can be as much as $88,500 per month at the Passages Malibu addiction treatment center in California, and $100,000 per month at the Promises Malibu.

If this is what celebrities are paying then what is the cost of rehab for regular folks needing addiction treatment?

There are thankfully a lot of free government funded or subsidized programs for individuals who don’t have insurance or the financial resources. A large number of these programs are unfortunately without the necessary funding to function effectively, and they have higher rates of relapse compared to the privately owned establishments.

There are many quality affordable rehabs in the United States, and every effort ought to be made to get into a high quality, affordable rehab. Even bad quality rehab is better than no rehab at all.

Prescription Drug Abuse Infographic
Prescription Drug Abuse Infographic

Infographic by: Recovery Connection
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