Prometa Treatment For Crystal Meth Addiction Not Effective


According to a study, the Prometa treatment program, a crystal meth addiction treatment, isn’t any more beneficial than placebo in reducing crystal meth addiction, keeping patients in treatment, or reducing crystal meth cravings.

The research was  in fact funded by the company that owns the Prometa treatment. The Prometa treatment program is basically a cocktail of 3 other drugs, namely flumazenil, gabapentin and hydroxyzine

Methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, crystal meth or meth  is the 2nd most abused illegal drug worldwide, with as many as 15 to 16 million regular users. The U.S. had a rapid increase in crystal meth addiction during the early 2000s. It had been during that epidemic that Prometa launched their treatment program with an aggressive advertising campaign.

Since its launch, the Prometa treatment program has been used extensively in specialized private clinics within the U.S. as a crystal meth addiction treatment without having to through the normal process of drug approval. Usually, the introduction of a new medication needs approval by the FDA, which include tests of product safety as well as a clinical trial to ensure the treatment produces the expected effects. A loophole in the regulating system permits a mixture of medications that had been previously approved to be offered without review, regardless of whether each medication was originally approved to treat the new condition or not. The maker of Prometa was thus allowed to promote and sell the new treatment program without any federal review or proof of effectiveness from clinical trials.

The Prometa treatment program costs thousands of dollars, private patients apparently pay $12,000 to $15,000 for just one month of treatment.

The study revealed that the participants in the study who were given the Prometa treatment didn’t have better outcomes than individuals given placebo with regards to decreasing use of crystal, maintaining treatment, or a reduction in crystal meth cravings.

Long Term Effects Of Meth On The Brain Infographic
Long Term Effects Of Meth On The Brain Infographic

Long Term Effects Of Meth On The Brain Infographic by Addiction Blog
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