Alcohol Addiction Facts and Fiction


Although a lot of research has been conducted on the subject, it is not always easy to distinguish between alcohol addiction facts and the many legends about this form of addiction which abound in the modern world.

This article will highlight five of the most common alcohol addiction facts and fictions.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 1.

Alcohol is a drug, a drug can be any substance (or activity) that affects the mood of the user, and is classed as a depressant type of drug.

Fiction 1.
Alcohol is not a drug nor does its use pose a danger those that use it.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 2.
Alcohol is the most widely abused mood changing substance in the world. The research for the rate of drug addiction would include alcohol.

Fiction 2.
Alcohol is a safe or ‘soft’ drug because its social use is legal and is accepted in most cultures.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 3.
Very simply addiction can be viewed as the on going and growing inter action with an act (or drug) in spite of harmful results due to contact with it.

Fiction 3.
Addiction to a substance or an act can be stopped at any time without outside help.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 4.
Addiction is a world wide trend which affects about 9-12% of the global populace. It crosses all barriers of sex, race, ethnic group, financial status, culture, creed or religion.

Fiction 4.
Addiction affects certain groups of people much more than others.

Alcohol Addiction Facts 5.
Addiction to alcohol and other substances has for many years been classed as a disease by health experts.

Fiction 5.
Those who do not seem to be able to control their usage are seen as weak people with little or no will-power.

Alcohol Facts Infographic
Alcohol Facts Infographic

Reference: Alcohol Addiction Facts
Alcohol Facts Infographic by: Recovery Connection

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