Top 20 Crack Addiction Symptoms and Signs


There are no exclusive crack addiction symptoms or single test that clearly indicates that someone has crack addiction, skilled medical workers need to diagnose it.

Since many of the crack addiction symptoms are also signs of certain mental illnesses, a trained health worker should gather a complete medical, family, and mental-health history, as well as a physical examination and medical tests to assess a patient.

Often the first sign of crack addiction symptoms is that that there is something different or wrong with the patient.

  • Sudden baffling changes in behavior e.g. compulsive, anxious, argumentative, aggressive, angry and/or irritable, easily agitated, hyper vigilant, paranoid, delusions, psychosis
  • Withdrawal from usual work or school activities and social contact.
  • Numerous short (or long) absences, which can’t be explained.
  • Insomnia, sudden long periods of sleep.
  • Items of value vanish, repeat visits to pawn shop.
  • Legal and/or financial problems.
  • Lack of personal care, loss of appetite, extreme weight loss and being under nourished
  • Raised body temperature.
  • Increased heart rate and sweating.
  • Body Shaking.
  • Dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes,
  • Changed skin color which can appear flushed or pale, hands may feel cool but clammy.
  • Incoherent, speeded up and/or slurred speech.
  • A dry mouth and licking of lips.
  • Poor oral hygiene. Broken and/or weak teeth.
  • Short of breath, wheezing, hoarse voice, constant sore throat, spitting or coughing up black or dark brown phlegm.
  • Burns and/or blisters on the lips, fingers, in the mouth and throat.
  • Strong chemical smell on the breath or clothing.
  • Crack smoking paraphernalia such as; burned cans, metal or glass pipes, numerous and/or strong lighters.
  • Torn Brillo pads, electric cable stripped of its copper wire, small plastic wrappers and or glass vials

This list is in no way a full list of crack addiction symptoms, and just because the person doesn’t show all of these crack addiction symptoms, it does not mean someone is not a crack addict.

Seek professional advice if you suspect someone may be a crack addict.

The Dangers of Crack Cocaine Addiction Infographic
The Dangers of Crack Cocaine Addiction Infographic

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